Asia. This vibrant and colourful continent stimulates the senses and blows the mind, time and time again. Home to some of the world’s most hospitable and friendly nations, the countries of awesome Asia simply make us smile from ear to ear. We love the explosion of chic boutiques across Bali, the extraordinary experiences on offer in Thailand, the history, heritage and journeys through Vietnam, the ancient architecture and off-the-beaten-track adventures in Laos and Cambodia, the island-hopping idyll that is the Philippines and the lush jungle-clad sanctuaries of Malaysia and Borneo. Most of all, we love the outstanding value for money that a luxury holiday in Asia represents. Home to some of the finest hotels in the world, Asia keeps calling us back, and back, and back.

Destinations in Asia

Our Turquoise 6 Favourite Restaurants

3rd August 2018
by Laura Taylor

One of the biggest appeals about travel, and long haul in particular, is discovering the range of adventurous flavours which our beautiful planet produces. From home cooking to gourmet, here are our favourite restaurants from around the world where you can experience delightful cuisine in the most exciting settings. Caribbean Stush in the Bush, Jamaica […]

Unique and Unusual Honeymoon Destinations You Haven’t Considered

18th July 2018
by Laura Taylor

We have a tough job at Turquoise Holidays deciding on which parts of our beautiful planet to explore and then recommend to our family of jet setters. Each and every one of our holidaymakers are looking for something different. For our honeymooners, we wanted to think about destinations which you might have never considered before. […]

Love where you go

"Travel is all about experience. It’s the people, places, locals and landscapes which inspire us every day"
Lizzie Heeley, Marketing Director

Love where you go

"For me, there is nowhere with more WOW factor than the magical islands of the Maldives"
Grace Wright, Marketing Executive

Love where you go

"I love the vibrancy and diversity of Asia. It ticks every box from lazy days on the beach to bustling cities and charming culture"
Laura Taylor, Gift List & Content Co-ordinator

Love where you go

"Turquoise is all about putting the passion and glamour back into the travel experience. Love where you go"
James Bell, Managing Director