It’s hard to describe the vastness of these epic island nations. Australia offers travellers the chance to explore stunning coastlines, bustling cities and remote wilderness, whilst New Zealand offers show-stopping scenery, endless adventure and peacefulness beyond our wildest dreams. Although the journey is long and there is a lot of ground to cover, the key to unwrapping Australia or New Zealand is not to try and see too much within a small amount of time. Speak to a specialist, pick your route, love every moment and then plan your return. Don’t forget Australia twins brilliant with Asia and New Zealand with the South Pacific… it’s time to start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Destinations in Australasia

Surrounded by stillness: The Australian Wilderness is calling you

by Rachel Gleave

The Outback remains one of Australia’s most intriguing and mystical landscapes. Where once it was regarded as hostile and unforgiving, today a visit to the outback brings an opportunity to taste Australia’s pioneering spirit. In stark contrast to the vast emptiness of the never-never, Australia’s ancient rainforests shelter a myriad of flora and fauna. Head […]

Reef and Relaxation. Australia’s Island Escapes

by Laura Taylor

The world’s largest single structure built by living organisms is found off the east coast of Australia- the life-giving force of The Great Barrier Reef is one of Down Under’s biggest attractions. For first time visitors wanting to explore this natural phenomenon, we can recommend some stunning island resorts providing both luxury escapes and a […]

Love where you go

"Travel is all about experience. It’s the people, places, locals and landscapes which inspire us every day"
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Love where you go

"For me, there is nowhere with more WOW factor than the magical islands of the Maldives"
Grace Wright, Marketing Executive

Love where you go

"I love the vibrancy and diversity of Asia. It ticks every box from lazy days on the beach to bustling cities and charming culture"
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Love where you go

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