South Pacific

The jewels in the island crown, the gems of the oceans, the home of the overwater bungalow and one of the truly remote corners of the world yet to be discovered by mass tourism, the islands of the South Pacific are where our Turquoise heart first fell in love. Tahiti offers five-star luxury hotels combined with authentic Polynesian experiences, whereas the Cook Islands have only independent, non-chain hotels to choose from. They even have a law that no building can be taller than the tallest palm tree. Fiji sits somewhere in between (hypothetically not geographically!), home to remote island idyll’s and family run retreats, as well as some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and resorts.

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Our Turquoise 6 Favourite Restaurants

3rd August 2018
by Laura Taylor

One of the biggest appeals about travel, and long haul in particular, is discovering the range of adventurous flavours which our beautiful planet produces. From home cooking to gourmet, here are our favourite restaurants from around the world where you can experience delightful cuisine in the most exciting settings. Caribbean Stush in the Bush, Jamaica […]

Overwater Bungalows. A Turquoise Guide

12th June 2018
by James Bell

No other room type gets requested more at Turquoise than the one and only overwater bungalow. Or as they are sometimes referred to ‘rooms on stilts’, ‘huts in the sea’, ‘bedrooms in the ocean’ – you name it, we’ve heard it! Born and bred in Bora Bora, the islands of Tahiti are the official home […]

Love where you go

"Travel is all about experience. It’s the people, places, locals and landscapes which inspire us every day"
Lizzie Heeley, Marketing Director

Love where you go

"For me, there is nowhere with more WOW factor than the magical islands of the Maldives"
Grace Wright, Marketing Executive

Love where you go

"I love the vibrancy and diversity of Asia. It ticks every box from lazy days on the beach to bustling cities and charming culture"
Laura Taylor, Gift List & Content Co-ordinator

Love where you go

"Turquoise is all about putting the passion and glamour back into the travel experience. Love where you go"
James Bell, Managing Director