Today we are talking to the lovely Molly, assistant editor at online health and wellness magazine ‘Hip and Healthy’ who went on her holidays to the stunning resort of Velassaru in the Maldives. We caught up with Molly when she got back to hear how it went!

Lots of people feel the flight time to the Maldives is just too long to bear… who did you fly with and how did you find the journey?

I always thought the journey would be a bit tiring, but it didn’t stop me from booking a holiday there. We flew with Qatar Airways with a stop over in Doha. We only had an hour gap so by the time you got off the first plane, it was straight on to the next! It was just over 6 hours from London to Doha and then just over 4 hours from Doha to Male. I actually liked having the break in between, it gives you the chance to stretch your legs a feel a bit more human! Oddly, I think I would choose the stop over flight again on my next trip to the Maldives.

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I am delighted you stayed at Velassaru, it is one of our favourite hotels and we get great feedback about the service, would you agree?

I 100% agree. Velassaru is one of the smaller luxury islands and that’s what makes it so great. You really get to know the staff and they were always super friendly. The island isn’t over crowded with staff (which gives you much more privacy) but there is always someone near by in case you need another round of coconut waters!

During your stay you experienced both the beach and overwater accommodation, what was your favourite?

I honestly can’t choose! If you had asked me before the trip I would have said Water Villa hands down but having experienced both, I can appreciate them in different ways. I loved being on the beach and being a few steps away from the turquoise ocean, but I also loved over water living! It was the ultimate Maldives experience. Ok I’m going to say water villa because the views were incredible, but I would still do the same layout on my next trip to the Maldives…half beach villa and half water villa.

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The food… the hotel is known for having a great range of food for all dietary requirements, did you feel the same?

Yes, I did…and even if there was something you wanted to change, there was never any problem. You can most definitely eat healthily at Velassaru, but if your idea of a holiday isn’t watching what you eat then there is an abundance of delicious desserts! (I want to give a shout-out to the peanut butter brownies…best dessert ever!)

Did you manage to do any of the activities on the island? Which would you recommend?

The highlight was Scuba Diving. It was my first time and I went all the way down to 10 metres! It was the most amazing, surreal experience and I felt so lucky to have my first scuba experience in the Maldives!

Finally… and most importantly, the spa! Tell us all!?

Oh the gorgeous Velassaru Spa, well I was in total heaven. I loved how it was over water and separate from the island. I also thoroughly enjoyed being rubbed down with coconut oil in my massage! I smelt so good after!!

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