Here at Turquoise, we love to inspire you in different ways before going on the holiday you’ll remember for the rest of your life – your honeymoon! That’s why we decided to contact some of our favourite bloggers and ask them to share their knowledge and tips on how to spend the perfect honeymoon.

Some of them recommended activities you shouldn’t miss if you want your honeymoon to be unforgettable, whilst others gave us valuable advise on what to pack or what to do if you decide to take your kids with you. We have a little bit of everything coming from experts from the wedding, lifestyle and travel blogging communities!

We’ve put all their tips together in the interactive infographic below – just hover over the image (you can find a bigger version at the bottom of the post) to find out more about our favourite bloggers and follow them on their social profiles.

If you haven’t decided on your destination yet and feel inspired after reading the tips, make sure you visit our website on the link below to find the perfect honeymoon with us!

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Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with us? Please post them in the comments section below or, alternatively, tweet them or post them to our Twitter and Facebook profiles.


Love where you go

"Travel is all about experience. It’s the people, places, locals and landscapes which inspire us every day"
Lizzie Heeley, Marketing Director

Love where you go

"For me, there is nowhere with more WOW factor than the magical islands of the Maldives"
Grace Wright, Marketing Executive

Love where you go

"I love the vibrancy and diversity of Asia. It ticks every box from lazy days on the beach to bustling cities and charming culture"
Laura Taylor, Gift List & Content Co-ordinator

Love where you go

"Turquoise is all about putting the passion and glamour back into the travel experience. Love where you go"
James Bell, Managing Director