On top of every girls wish list (after the perfect man) is a honeymoon to the Maldives. This archipelago of paradise islands stretches in a necklace formation, some 3,000km down the Indian coastline.

There are nearly 1190 island’s in the Maldives, many of which remain uninhabited. It’s the perfect honeymoon location with hotels to suit every style and personality. Each island is encircled by a reef creating a private azure lagoon for you to enjoy the bluest of turquoise waters lapping the blinding white beaches.


People often worry that there isn’t much to do apart from laze in a hammock, swim or wander to the SPA, bar or restaurant… and many islands take only a few minutes to circumnavigate, but for me, that is the beauty and strength of these island’s… you feel happily marooned in paradise . However, should you have the desire to move from your sunbed, each of the islands have extensive activity programmes in which you could easily take part in.

The Accommodation is 5 Star in the Maldives

The accommodation alone is one of my top reasons to go to the Maldives. Many of the villas are straight out of “Swiss Family Robinson”. On the outside the accommodation seems rustic and more tree house than five star luxury, but beneath those thatched roofs and timber exteriors lies every luxury known to man. The Maldives is one of the only countries in the world where most of the rooms are overwater… it is truly a magical experience to sleep above the water, and to wake to the gentle lapping of the ocean against the pontoon below. I always say to our honeymooners that there really isn’t a more romantic room in which to start your married life!


What’s The Damage?

So…despite how wonderful the destination is, the question on everyone’s mind is what does it cost! Well the answer really is as much or as little as you like. The only certainty is that you can’t avoid the flight costs (which vary between £700 – £1300 per person in economy class depending on season). Always make sure you ask your consultant about upgrades to premium cabins as often you can upgrade for much less than you think! You can fly direct with BA or indirect via the Middle East which is often cheaper, and quite a nice way to break up a long flight. Combining the Maldives with a city stopover in Dubai or Oman or a Sri Lankan adventure is definitely another option to explore, and makes the most of the cheaper flight routes.

Where Can You Stay in the Maldives?

With regards accommodation it really is minefield of offers, validity dates and seasonality. Christmas and New Year is definitely the most expensive time of year to travel, and low season is April to September (and everything in between is mid-season). With so many hotels in the Maldives to choose from, we have handpicked the very best, all of which our team have seen and given the Turquoise stamp of approval and of course checked for the honeymoon wow factor! However, we whatever the level of accommodation we aspire to secure the very best rates for our honeymooners and our itineraries can range anywhere from £70 per person per night and through to £1000 per person per night!! But generally speaking £1500 -£2000 per person would buy you a beautiful honeymoon in low season for seven nights, but beware this would be based generally on B&B or at very best half board. For drinks and additional food expect London prices, and we usually recommend budgeting around £100 a per person for day if dinner is not included. Although you could of course do it cheaper than this, why cut back when you are on your honeymoon! An just think, if you end up spending less than you thought – you can always travel with us again next year!

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