This week in CANVAS by The Turquoise Holiday Company, we have a guest feature from one of our young clients, Kai Carpenter, who just adored his recent visit to Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives. It’s a great example of how the Maldives isn’t just a place for honeymooners and we’re sure you’ll agree his passion for these islands shines through. Happy reading!

What a place Six Senses Laamu is! Crystal-clear turquoise waters, white powder-soft beaches, exquisite foods and floating villas. This has got to be my favourite place on Earth! Not only is this the perfect destination for honeymoon couples with its scenic views, serenity and welcoming vibe, but it’s great for kids like me, too! I was off my computer devices and straight into nature. There’s so much to do here, from surfing a gnarly reef break with the amazing guys at Tropicsurf to chilling out to sound-led meditation at the spa with their holistic practitioners. Who knew there was so much variety in the Maldives!

Your flight to the Maldives is followed by a fast speedboat ride to the resort, where you are greeted by Marteyne (the General Manager of Laamu) and given a GEM (a Guest Experience Maker, who looks after you) who takes you on a quick tour of the island. The GEMs are very helpful, telling you where to go at what time and booking you dinner at the restaurant of your choice. After they take you to your room, make sure you use the complimentary water left for you, rather than buying more water at mealtimes. It’s all purified on the island, so you mustn’t waste it! As the whole island is the resort, it’s quite big to be walking around, so you’re given bikes to help you travel around quicker.

You can use US dollars in the Maldives, so you don’t need to worry about getting any money exchanged into obscure currencies.

If your family is a water sports family, you will be in heaven! There are so many activities to do, such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and wakeboarding with the resort’s Ocean team, scuba-diving and snorkelling with the marine crew, surfing with the amazing team at Tropicsurf… the list goes on forever! If you’re more of an ‘on land’ person, there is a gym, running track, yoga and meditation, as well as sunbeds and an infinity pool. Oh, and lots of white sand for sandcastles!

For breakfast (my absolute fave meal!), there are a wide variety of foods: American waffles, pancakes, French baguettes and pastries, Indian curry, Japanese sushi, French cheeses, dried meats, salads, eggs (in any style you wish), smoothies – LOADS! With breakfast, you can get lots of different juices too and even Prosecco for you cheeky ladies! We never tried lunch when we were there because we filled ourselves with breakfast, but when dinner came we had a choice to eat at four completely different restaurants: Longitude, an around the world buffet; Zen, a fresh sushi restaurant; LEAF, a natural restaurant serving classic meats which was divine; and the Chill Bar, which was a touch of home. For those ice cream lovers, there’s a small shop with unlimited free ice cream with 42 different flavours!

With glassy glistening warm water all around, it’s going to attract some really vibrant coloured coral and fishes; it’s like putting your face in a fish tank. So, a must you should do is go snorkelling, or, if you want to go diving to see manta rays talk to the dive team. There is something for everyone – you don’t need to be PADI qualified. The best time to go swimming is in the morning with an offshore wind – it’s incredibly mesmerising. Don’t be frightened by the dark patches on the sand, either, because it’s just sea grass. Sea grass generates 50% of the world’s oxygen, as well as providing food for turtles, sting rays and many more fish. #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass

Overall, my time at Laamu was unforgettable and I strongly recommend you visit these beautiful natural islands, which are under constant threat from the effects of climate change. It doesn’t matter what season you go, whether it’s the rainy season or dry, you’re always going to be able to top up your tan while building sandcastles on the beach, or go snorkelling. The Maldives will give the best life experiences for all ages.


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